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Pola Unique

Talisman Triad Necklace

Talisman Triad Necklace

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This Unique Necklace embodies empowerment and safeguarding through Three mystical handcrafted symbols designed with a killer vibe. However, remember that their true power is unlocked when accompanied by a clear intention. Visualise your purpose when wearing these Talismans to amplify their intended power.

Thanks to our removable bails, you can mix and match the Talismans on your necklace for any occasion or mood. Wear them all at once or just pick one, it's totally up to you!

Mano Figa: With a history dating back to the Roman Age, this powerful Talisman has long been trusted to divert malevolent spirits from any mischievous intentions directed your way. Associated with the Fig fruit, it also symbolises femininity, wisdom, love and abundance. The enigmatic and playful charm of this amulet is reinforced by the mighty Eye engraved on it that imbues the wearer with an extra shield of protection.

Eye: The Guardian of your precious energy, this handcrafted Talisman graciously wards off the Evil Eye of those who mischievously envy you. Its sleek aesthetic is the embodiment of mystique and style. The perfect blend between the Nazar and the Eye of Horus, this Amulet is an energy radiating companion wherever life takes you.

Chill: This Talisman serves as a potent reminder to keep calm and sexy under stressful circumstances, while infusing you with a boost of positivity and inner strength, ensuring that you carry a fragment of that confidence wherever your journey leads. Its inscription holds special significance for everybody navigating our vibrant, contemporary world, and will act as a magical emblem of empowerment. Chilis are symbols of good luck and resilience and are also used to represent something “Hot & Spicy”, figuratively or literally.

Our Talisman Necklaces are Gender Neutral.

Born in Mallorca and Passionately crafted in Barcelona.



Mano Figa Pendant w/Bail: 34mm x 10mm
Eye Pendant w/Bail
: 34mm x 21mm

Chill Pendant w/Bail: 34mm x 11mm
Chain Length: 450mm

Chain Width: 0,3mm
Total Weight: 22gm

Product Details

Choose your favorite material:

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gold Vermeil: 925 Sterling Silver plated with a 23ct Gold 3 microns coat
  • 18ct Solid Gold. Made to order, please allow a 4 week turn-around time for Gold pieces. Each pendant comes with a 18ct gold-plated/Silver chain. Please send us an email to enquire about price.

Handcrafted and individually cast. Each piece is unique and might differ a little bit from the one pictured here.

Nickel and lead free. 


Pola Unique Necklaces are made with the best quality of Silver, Vermeil and Gold. Taking care of your Necklace will make it last forever. When possible, avoid dips in salty/chlorine water and contact with perfumes or excessive perspiration. Otherwise, please rinse thoroughly with clear water and when not using it keep it stored in the cute plastic free packaging we provide with your purchase.


Materials: All our Core Collections are made using 90% recycled Silver. Our Gold and Silver plating is done in Barcelona under the most strict sustainable conditions, only recycled Gold and Silver are employed in a process where water is reused numerous times and thoroughly filtered before being discarded, free of harmful chemicals.

Local Production: Our original designs are handcrafted in a small young workshop in Barcelona. By working closely with local entrepreneurs we are supporting them and helping the local economy. 

Packaging: Our lovely jewellery boxes use FSC®-certified cardboard and water-based glue

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