Collection: Blood Type Jewelry Collection

From the day you were conceived, your Blood Type, and just that one, will run through your body forever bearing an emotional link with your ancestors and, as Aristotle believed, also the traits that will strongly shape your individual and unique personality.

This Sexy Jewelry Collection depicts the Sacred Snake, that the ancient Greeks worshipped as the symbol of Rebirth, Renewal and Immortality, coiled around the dainty letters illustrating your blood type in a series of alluring jewelry pieces handcrafted in noble Silver, Gold or Vermeil. 

Snakes represent a Creative Life Force and Blood represents Life itself, as the Divine Element that functions within the human body. These two Powerful components combined together in your Blood Type Jewel will translate into your own intimate Life Force that will tell your personal story. Jewelry is and should be a personal statement.

Blood Type Collection are meaningful possessions, born in Mallorca and passionately crafted in Barcelona.