About Pola


About Pola

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Creating timeless jewelry since 2018


My Story

My name is Pola, and it's also the name of the jewelry brand I founded in 2018 in Mallorca. My love for timeless designs and my firm commitment to local production and sustainability, influenced by my Capricorn nature, inspired me to create Pola Unique.

Attention to Detail and Sustainability

From my cozy home-studio overlooking the Mediterranean, I carefully plan and design each piece of jewelry in our collections. We work closely with small local businesses to ensure the highest quality in our pieces while minimizing our environmental impact and contributing to a circular economy.

Jewelry That Tells Stories

Our designs blend traditional and mystical symbolism with contemporary visions, resulting in beautiful jewelry filled with meaning that tells stories connecting and resonating with the wearer, intertwining conversations and weaving a unique personal narrative.

Shipping from Paradise

Designed with love in our beloved Mallorca and crafted in Barcelona, each Pola Unique piece is a powerful talisman, imbued with the serene spiritual essence of the Mediterranean. We send these treasures worldwide, carrying with them the enchanting energy of our island home.


Pola Unique Gold and Silver Jewelry, Mallorca


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