About Pola



Pola Unique Jewelry tells stories of travels and dreams that happened in distant places and times. Collections and One of a Kind pieces blend traditional and mystical symbolism and aesthetics with contemporary visions

"The Vintage Collection" represents the origin of Pola, the first love. Here Pola reclaims, recovers and crafts beautiful pre-loved objects found in antique shops and flea markets around the world during wild and remote adventures. Any person wearing Pola Unique carries and breathes the unique Story of their possession and becomes an inimitable Storyteller. All far from what any commercial Jewelry can obtain.

The New Gender Neutral Collection represents a new beginning. "The Horoscope Tales" connects the Present and the Future and the stories yet to be told in a series of 12 handcrafted Magical, Alluring and Symbolic pieces illustrating the different Astrological signs in 925 Sterling Silver, Solid Gold or Gold Vermeil. 

Wearing your Sign will fill it with your life and it will walk alongside you as you unravel your life’s journey; this piece of Jewelry drawn from Cosmic and Astrological powers will empower you and create an emotional pathway of discoveries through all the Stories yet to come.

Poetically in all forms and manners, all of Pola Unique's creations are meaningful possessions, Passionately crafted in Barcelona.