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Pola Unique

O Positive Blood Type Necklace

O Positive Blood Type Necklace

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This sexy and alluring piece, featuring the Sacred Snake, worshiped by the ancient Greeks and coiled around the dainty letters that illustrate your unique Blood Type, will imbue you with the power of Rebirth, Renewal, and Immortality of the Gods.

In Japanese tradition, Ketsuekigata or Blood Types, like Astrological Star Signs, influence our character, weaknesses and strengths and help us create our intimate life story. So, if you are a Type O+ you are a good leader who loves their freedom, you are also outgoing, energetic, outspoken, adventurous, confident, reliable and strong-willed.

Our Blood Type Necklaces are Gender Neutral.

This pendant features an Evil Eye on the back to ward off any naughty behavior aimed at you. We have your back my friend!

Born in Mallorca and Passionately crafted in Barcelona.



O Positive Pendant: 19mm x 28mm
"Hers" Length Chain: 400mm
"His" Length Chain: 600mm
Weight: 8gm


Product Details

Choose your favorite material:

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Gold Vermeil: 925 Sterling Silver plated with a 23ct Gold 3 microns coat
  • 18ct Solid Gold. Made to order, please allow a 4 week turn-around time for Gold pieces. Each pendant comes with a 18ct gold-plated/Silver chain. Please send us an email to enquire about price.

Handcrafted and individually cast. Each piece is unique and might differ a little bit from the one pictured here.

Nickel and lead free. 


Pola Unique Necklaces are made with the best quality of Silver, Vermeil and Gold. Taking care of your Necklace will make it last forever. When possible, avoid dips in salty/chlorine water and contact with perfumes or excessive perspiration. Otherwise, please rinse thoroughly with clear water and when not using it keep it stored in the cute plastic free packaging we provide with your purchase.


Materials: Our Zodiac and Blood Type Medallions are made using 90% recycled Silver. Our Gold and Silver plating is done in Barcelona under the most strict sustainable conditions, only recycled Gold and Silver are employed in a process where water is reused numerous times and thoroughly filtered before being discarded, free of harmful chemicals.

Local Production: Our original designs are handcrafted in a small young workshop in Barcelona, just 15 minutes by bike from our studio atelier. By working closely with local entrepreneurs we are supporting them and helping the local economy. 

Packaging: Our 100% plastic free packaging is produced in a small artisanal print shop in Barcelona run by a lovely young couple a few minutes by bike from our studio. We strive to create positive synergies with all our suppliers forming a closely knit local community.

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