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Pola Unique

Jahrgang St. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin Halskette

Jahrgang St. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin Halskette

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Fabelhafte Halskette mit einem antiken Anhänger mit einem Bild des Heiligen Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin , einem Mann aztekischer Abstammung , der dafür bekannt ist, in Mexiko-Stadt die Vision Unserer Lieben Frau von Guadalupe erhalten zu haben. Er ist der Schutzpatron der indigenen Völker. Alle Metallteile sind aus Sterlingsilber und wurden kürzlich in Barcelona vergoldet, sodass die Schönheit der Stücke erneuert wird und sehr lange erhalten bleibt. Eine zeitlose Halskette, die sich perfekt für alle Gelegenheiten eignet und gleichzeitig ein mächtiger Talisman ist, der Ihnen bei all Ihren Unternehmungen Glück bringt.


Aus Mallorca mit Liebe.


Anhänger: 31 mm inkl. Öse
Kettenlänge: 495mm
Kettenbreite: 2mm


Pola Unique Necklaces are made with beautiful and delicate antique pieces. To ensure they stay bright and shiny for as long as possible, keep them away from chemicals such as perfume and chlorine, water and/or excessive perspiration. In order to avoid your jewelry from tangling or scratching each other we also recommend keeping them in the cute eco-friendly Jewelry Box we provide with your purchase.


Pre-Loved: For our Vintage Collection, Pola reclaims, recovers and crafts One of a Kind Pre-Loved pieces found in antique shops and flea markets around the world. By Reinventing and Reusing them we give these pieces a New Life within a New Fresh concept, reducing the carbon footprint that manufacturing new ones would create.

Local Production: Our brass chains are locally crafted in our sister island Menorca at one of the few remaining chain manufacturers on the island, a small family run business operating since 1962. By working closely with local suppliers we are supporting them and helping the local economy. 

Gold and Silver plating: Our Gold and Silver plating is done in Barcelona under the most strict sustainable conditions. Only recycled Gold and Silver are employed in a process where water is reused numerous times and thoroughly filtered before being discarded, free of harmful chemicals.

Packaging: Our 100% plastic free packaging is produced in a small artisanal print shop in Barcelona run by a lovely young couple a few minutes by bike from our studio. We strive to create positive synergies with all our suppliers forming a closely knit local community.

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