Dancing 1927 Necklace Birmingham Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Dancing 1927 Necklace Birmingham Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Dancing 1927 Necklace

Dancing 1927 Necklace

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Fav Necklace Ever! It features a gorgeous antique Pendant beautifully engraved in the shape of a Coat of Arms with the letters C and E interlaced together, on its back, the joyful word Dancing and a misterious date that sugests a lovely romance made eternal through this pendant. The Anchor on the back tells us that this beautiful piece was made in Birmingham and the letter A means that it was produced around 1925. The Lion represents the Sterling Silver mark and HB& is the Silversmith mark, Harrison Brothers & Howson, we absolutely love this!! All the Metalwork is made of 925 Sterling Silver, everything has been recently Gold Plated in Barcelona so the beauty of the pieces is renewed to last for a very long time. A Timeless Necklace that is perfect for All Occasions and doubles as a Powerful Talisman that brings Good Luck and Romance to all your endeavours.


One of a Kind.

Passionately Crafted in Mallorca.



Pendant: 38mm
Chain Length: 525mm
Chain Width: 4mm

Pola Unique Necklaces are made with beautiful and delicate antique pieces. To ensure they stay bright and shiny for as long as possible, keep them away from chemicals such as perfume and chlorine, water and/or excessive perspiration. In order to avoid your jewelry from tangling or scratching each other we also recommend keeping them in the cute plastic free packaging we provide with your purchase.

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